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For the Rank of Master

Author: Hollie Snider
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Reviewed by Jozette Aaron

584Kyritia is a domain where elves, dwarves, and humans co-exist. When their peaceful way of life is threatened by the evil wizard Elidor, Arden, their Grandmaster sends his last living son, Tehan in search of this evil to destroy it before their world is plunged into eternal darkness.

Tehan, doing a series of tests to attain his ranking, believes this to be just another part of the test, the final part. Arden knows there is something important that Tehan must be told before beginning this journey but his memory has been wiped clean by sorcery, rendering him unable to give his son the life-saving information he needs to ensure his victory.

For the Rank of Master is the story of Tehan’s journey into darkness, accompanied by a band of warriors, each with their own secrets. Deceit and betrayal follow this group on their quest making them at once enemies and friends...all with one common goal.

Hollie Snider has written a very dark fantasy. There is enough gore and blood letting to satisfy the appetite of those devotees of the genre. It's a challenging read, recommended mostly to those who are truly fans of this type of dark fantasy.


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